Hands-free in-vehicle SMS texting with Morse code input

Send and receive SMS messages while driving using just two fingers of one hand and never looking at your phone. If you care to learn the built-in Morse code keyboard, then using this app you can send and receive SMS messages while driving, safely and discreetly. Your passengers will not know who you and what you are discussing with. You will not need to take your eyes off the road to type your messages or read inbound ones, thanks to a four button Morse keyboard that only requires two fingers of one hand, combined with text-to-speech voice guidance.

SMS Morse Chat application offers a method of sending and receiving SMS messages without using the user’s vision and spoken voice, while requiring a minimal use of only one of the user’s hands, thereby making text messaging eyes-free, quiet and for the most part hands-free. For instance, you can walk or drive and simultaneously participate in a chat with one or several parties.

The use of Morse code that has only two symbols "dot" and "dash" leads to a drastic reduction of the in-app keyboard for the character input, and so the text input using Morse code can be performed without looking at the phone and with only a limited use of a single hand.

To receive feedback or system messages, navigate the contacts, manage chats, or to play back the entered characters or phrases, the user can privately listen to the audio output, normally using wired or wireless headphones.